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Bearing 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002 Bearing 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002 Bearing 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002

Bearing 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002

145RYL1452 RY-6 145ARVSL1452 169RYSL1452 761RX3166 RX-1 160RYL1468 RY-6 160ARVSL1468 180RYSL1468 770RX3151 RX-1 160RYL1467 RY-6...
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  • 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002
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Product Description

145RYL1452 RY-6 145ARVSL1452 169RYSL1452 761RX3166 RX-1
160RYL1468 RY-6 160ARVSL1468 180RYSL1468 770RX3151 RX-1
160RYL1467 RY-6 160ARVSL1467 179RYSL1467 780RX3141 RX-1
165RYL1451 RY-3 165ARYSL1451 181RYSL1451 560ARXS2644 625RXS2644
180RYL1527 RY-6 180ARVSL1527 202RYSL1527 571ARXS2622 636RXS2622
190RY1528 RY-1 190ARVS1528 212RYS1528 600ARXS2643 660RXS2643A
190RY1543 RY-1 190ARVS1543 212RYS1543 600ARXS2643 660RXS2643B
200RYL1544 RY-6 200ARVSL1544 222RYSL1544 600ARXS2744 672RXS2744
200RYL1566 RY-6 200ARVSL1566 222RYSL1566 650ARXS2803 704RXS2803
200RYL1567 RY-6 200ARVSL1567 222RYSL1567 650ARXS2841 723RXS2841
200RYL1585 RY-6 200ARVSL1585 226RYSL1585 690ARXS2965 768RXS2965
220RYL1621 RY-6 220ARVSL1621 246RYSL1621 690ARXS2966 766RXS2966
2320 220RY1683 RY-1 220ARVS1683 257RYS1683 700ARXS2862 763RXS2862
230RYL1667 RY-6 230ARVSL1667 260RYSL1667 700ARXS2964A 774RXS2964
240RY1668 RY-1 240ARVS1668 270RYS1668 705ARXS3131B 796RXS3131
250RY1681 RY-1 250ARVS1681 276RYS1681 710ARXS3006 788RXS3006
260RYL1744 RY-6 260ARVSL1744 292RYSL1744 730ARXS2922 790RXS2922
260RY1763 RY-2 260ARYS1763 294RYS1763 730ARXS3064 809RXS3064
280RYL1783 RY-6 280ARVSL1783 312RYSL1783 730ARXS3064 809RXS3064A
280RYL1782 RY-3 280ARYSL1782 308RYSL1782 750ARXS3005 813RXS3005
300RX1846 RX-1 300ARXS1845B 332RXS1846 760ARXS3166 846RXS3166B
300RXL1845 RX-2 300ARXSL1845 332RXSL1845 761ARXS3166B 846RXS3166A
390ARYS2103 432RYS2103 300RY2002 RY-2 761ARXS3166 846RXS3166
400ARXS2123 445RXS2123 330RX1922 RX-1 770ARXS3151 847RXS3151
431ARXS2141 465RXS2141 340RX1965A RX-5 780ARXS3141 853RXS3141
440ARXS2245 487RXS2245 340RYL1963 RY-3 800RX3165 RX-1
460ARXS2371 518RXS2371 370RX2045 RX-1 800RX3164 RX-1
480ARXS2303B 525RXS2303 380RX2089 RX-1 820RX3263 RX-1
500ARXS2345A 540RXS2345 380RX2086A RX-6 820RX3201A RX-10
500ARXS2422 558RXS2422 380RX2087 RX-1 820RX3264 RX-1
500ARXS2443 568RXS2443 390RX2088 RX-1 820RX3264A RX-9
510ARXS2364 560RXS2364 390RY2103 RY-2 820RX3264C RX-8
510ARXS2461 569RXS2461 400RX2123 RX-1 820RX3264D RX-10
530ARXS2522 587RXS2522 431RX2141 RX-1 850RX3304 RX-1
550ARXS2484 600RXS2484 440RX2245 RX-1 850RX3365 RX-1
560RX2644 RX-1 460RX2371 RX-1 863RX3445A RX-1
571RX2622 RX-1 480RX2303B RX-1 880RXK3364A RXK-1
600RX2643A RX-1 500RX2345A RX-4 880RXK3366 RXK-2
600RX2643B RX-9 500RX2422 RX-1 900RX3444 RX-1
600RX2744 RX-1 500RX2443 RX-1 950RX3723 RX-1
650RX2803A RX-1 10RX2364 RX-1 1040RX3882 RX-7
650RX2841C RX-1 510RX2461 RX-1 800ARXS3165 878RXS3165
690RX2965 RX-1 530RX2522 RX-1 800ARXS3164 880RXS3164
690RX2966 RX-9 550RX2484 RX-1 820ARXS3263 891RXS3263
700RX2862 RX-1 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002 820ARXS3201A 892RXS3201A
700RX2964A RX-1 820ARXS3264 903RXS3264
705RX3131B RX-1 330ARXS1922 365RXS1922 820ARXS3264 903RXS3264A
710RX3006 RX-1 340ARXS1965A 378RXS1965A 820ARXS3264C 903RXS3264
730RX2922 RX-1 340ARYSL1963 378RYSL1963 820ARXS3264C 903RXS3264A
730RX3064 RX-1 370ARXS2045 409RXS2045 850ARXS3304 928RXS3304
730RX3064A RX-1 380ARXS2089 421RXS2089 850ARXS3365 940RXS3365
750RX3005 RX-1 380ARXS2086A 422RXS2086 863ARXS3445A 956RXS3445A
760RX3166 RX-1 380ARXS2087 422RXS2087 880ARVKS3364 945RXS3364A
761RX3166B RX-1 390ARXS2088 431RXS2088 880ARVKS3366 945RXS3366
1040ARXS3882 1133RXS3882 950ARXS3723 1075RXS3723 900ARXS3444 989RXS3444


Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings having pin-type steel cage and pronged machined solid brass cage are commonly used in the back-up roll assembly of cold rolling mills. The present article briefs about these Bearing 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002 and investigates the root cause failure of such gigantic (inner ring ID = 865 mm, inner ring OD = 945 mm; outer ring ID = 1073.0 mm, outer ring OD = 1180 mm) Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings. In the present study, a visual examination of failed rolling surfaces has been emphasized. An analytical approach has been utilized to determine the maximum load on the roller and the outer ring raceway interface. The maximum principal normal and shear stresses have been evaluated for coefficients of friction equal to 0.001, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3. A three-dimensional static finite element analysis has been performed to explain the cracking of the outer ring of the Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings. Condition monitoring based on oil analysis is adopted to validate the conclusions drawn from the finite element analysis of Bearing 300ARYS2002 354RYS2002.


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