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Slewing Ring Bearing

Slewing Ring Bearing

slewing ring bearing solutions are ideal for:

  • Optimal economy in a given envelope dimension
  • Heavy-duty applications requiring significant load-carrying capacity
  • Designs where precise positioning is critical
  • The unique requirements of wind turbines

Industrial Bearings Solutions's slewing ring bearings offer a wide variety of solutions for the most demanding specifications in a variety of applications, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Heavy equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

RK series slewing ring bearings
These pre-engineered light profile slewing ring bearings offer high performance and reduced weight due to an optimized geometry that handles a combination of moment and thrust loads. Ideal for foundry shakeout tables, palletizers, wire winders, cable reels, welding tables and turntable applications where intermittent rotation and low velocity are present.

HS series slewing ring bearings
HS series pre-engineered, light profile slewing rings feature rectangular cross sections, which allow for alternate hole patterns, improved stiffness, and the potential for more capacity. Ideal for cranes, aerial lifts, digger derricks, chute swivels, lift truck rotators, and industrial turntables.

HT series slewing ring bearings
HT series slewing rings are larger versions of the HS series, with increased ball diameter and cross-sectional area providing substantially more capacity. The internal configuration consists of deep groove gothic arch raceways and maximum ball complement, resulting in a four-point contact bearing that provides exceptional moment, thrust, and radial load capacities. Ideal for medium to heavy duty applications including cranes, aerial lifts, digger derricks, chute swivels, lift truck rotators, and industrial turntables.

MT series slewing ring bearings
MT slewing ring bearings provide optimal economy and capacity for a given envelope dimension. MT series heavy duty bearings are an economical replacement for kingpost designs and utilize the same four-point contact design concept as our heavier duty slewing ring bearings, providing exceptional moment, thrust, and radial load capacities. Ideally suited for applications such as truck mounted cranes, hoists, and non-precision

KH series slewing ring bearings
KH series heavy duty slewing rings are designed to provide precise positioning with consistent repeatability, in applications where rotation is constant, intermittent or oscillating. They are the ideal bearing for advanced rotary index tables or any design where the bearing will interface with other precision mechanical components.

XT series slewing ring bearings
XT series slewing ring bearings are custom designed with a rectangular cross section, and are available in sizes up to 218 inches OD (5500 mm). They are well suited for a wide range of applications where our standard product series do not meet demanding size, capacity, or weight requirements, including cranes, aerial lifts, excavators, wind turbines, utility derricks, log loaders and fellers, and feller heads.

DT series slewing ring bearings
The DT series consists of the eight-point ball bearing that Industrial Bearings Solutions originally developed to provide maximum load capacity for given envelope and bolt circle diameters. It provides an up to 80% increase in capacity over that of a single row four-point design, yet has a smaller profile than a three-row roller design and provides exceptional moment, thrust, and radial load capacities. DT series bearings have been used successfully in heavy duty applications including large excavators, large cranes, mining equipment, wind turbines, and telescopes.

XR series slewing ring bearings
The XR series consists of Industrial Bearings Solutions cross roller bearings, which provide a high degree of stiffness and low rotational torque within a minimal envelope. Consider this design when a four-point contact ball bearing does not meet the operating performance requirements for torque and stiffness. XR series roller bearings have been used successfully in applications requiring extra stiffness with a low torque requirement, including radar, military turrets, machine tools, and excavators.

TR series slewing ring bearings
The TR series consists of three-row roller bearings, offering the highest capacity for a given diameter. When an XR or DT series bearing doesn't meet your stiffness and capacity requirements, consider the TR series. TR series roller bearings optimize capacity, provide low frictional resistance and minimize deflection. TR series roller bearings have been used successfully in heavy duty applications requiring extra stiffness and capacity, including radar, cranes, excavators, stackers and reclaimers, and heavy mill equipment.

WireX® wire-race bearings
Industrial Bearings Solutions WireX® bearings were originally designed for military turret applications, where space and weight are at a premium and corrosion resistance is essential. They consist of wire raceways inserted in lightweight support rings, allowing for a high load capacity and large diameter in a bearing that can be 60% lighter than one made entirely of steel. WireX® bearings are custom manufactured to fit each design and specification. WireX® bearings have been used successfully in applications requiring a lightweight, corrosion-resistant bearing, including turrets, radar, and sonar.

Wind energy slewing ring bearings
Industrial Bearings Solutions engineers apply their experience and expertise to create a wide variety of solutions to address the most unique bearing challenges, making Industrial Bearings Solutions North America's leading supplier of wind turbine bearings. Industrial Bearings Solutions has the experience and capability to support critical pitch, yaw and gearbox applications in systems from 200 kW to 5.0 MW and beyond.

Whether the requirement is for high or low wind speed, land based or off shore, 200 kW or 5.0 MW—along with meeting critical customer requirements and industry regulations such as those specified by Germanischer Lloyd "Non-Marine Technology—Offshore Wind Energy"—our engineers can solve even the most difficult challenges.


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