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Komatsu Excavator Maintenance

2018-05-01 11:30:43

Komatsu Excavator Maintenance Editor:

1.The excavator started working normally,but suddenly there will be one side of the track can not move and digging arm fatigue,what is the reason?
--Most of the reason is that the hydraulic fluid is not clean, the small dirt blocked the relief valve in the middle of a little piston damper hole.The safety valve can be removed to clean and remove the blockage of the damping hole.
2. Why is the blockage of the damping hole such a big impact?
This is a common fault, but also a great impact on the hydraulic system failure.To clarify the truth, we must introduce the working principle of the pilot type safety valve.The pressure oil p passes through the present damping hole, enters the c cavity, at this time the pressure of the c cavity is equal to the p pressure of the system.The piston is pressed to the right seat because of the small spring.When the C-cavity oil pressure rises to a certain value.That is to say,up to the cone valve pressure value,the cone valve pushed open,C-cavity oil through the cone valve back to the tank.At this point,the C-Cavity pressure drop,due to the damping effect of the damping hole,c cavity and system pressure loss of balance,so the small piston moved back to the left,the system pressure through the small piston overflow to the tank.When the system pressure drops to a certain value,the cone valve is reset, and then the small piston is also moved to the right reset.Adjust the system pressure so repeatedly.If the small piston in the middle of the yin damping is blocked,c cavity can not get pressure oil,c cavity pressure is much lower than the system pressure,so the small piston has been in the left position.System pressure,regardless of height,is also in overflow state.So when a small damping hole is blocked,the impact will be great.Therefore, the hydraulic circuit one

3.After checking the damping hole is not blocked, the relief valve pressure still cannot adjust?
Most of this is because the taper valve and seat closure is not strict, so that the C-cavity oil pressure can not be established.
4.What should be paid attention to when grinding gear end face?
Gear pump gear wear, to use high-precision grinder grinding, to find a strong sense of responsibility of the master operation. For example, the grinder table should be absolutely clean, do not allow dust on the platform. Because the table is slightly unclean, will make the plane and bearing hole vertical line offset.

Excavator Accessories:

The standard size of the arm,plus the long arm excavator,lengthened the size of the arm (including two - and three day long arm type plus the long arm,the latter is the demolition arm)

The standard bucket,bucket of rock,strengthen ditch bucket,bucket,gate fighting,screen clean bucket,bucket,bucket tilt thumb,bucket,bucket ladder;

The rotary hydraulic grab bucket hook,hydraulic grab,grab,grab wood,mechanical gripper,quick joint,ripper;

The excavator quick connector,excavator cylinder,hammer,hydraulic shear,hydraulic rammer,vibration hammer,bucket teeth,tooth seat,track roller,roller;

The engine,hydraulic pump,distribution valve,rotary center,slewing bearing,walking,driving cab,control valve,relief valve,main control valve etc.

The electrical parts: including:start the motor|computer board autom|operating rod assembly|display|gasanchor| electromagnetic valve|Xiao|horn button relay panel|fuse|monitor control panel|airconditioning compressor|whole car wiring harness|suction pump governor|timer|plug connector pre heat | fuse|operation light resistance|fuse table|diesel horn assembly|controller|switch|magnetic pressure switch|hydraulic pump switch|oil pressure switch|flameout switch|ignition switch|sensor|water temperature sensor|diesel oil sensor sensor|automatic throttle motor sensor|sensor|single foot|angle sensor|sensor speed sensor|pressure sensor

The chassis includes: guide wheel;|roller|roller | drive gear | chain chain. | chain pin | bucket spindle | four wheels | caterpillar assembly | guide wheel bracket | slewing crawler | rubber crawler | track assembly | crawler board | tensioning device | tension cylinder a | tension cylinder | cross shaft universal | chain plate screw | big spring | chain plate chain | frame | chain guard bottom plate.

The hydraulic parts: main seal | repair kit | O ring | pump repair kit | hammer repair kit | valve repair kit | hydraulic pump repair kit | pump repair kit | cylinder repair kit | repair kit | arm cylinder | bucket cylinder cylinder | tension cylinder piston rod | big nut | the big arm hydraulic cylinder piston |walking motor Cylinder.