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YUKEN Piston Pump

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Yuken AR of AR16, AR22 hydraulic piston pump
1. Completely interchangeable with original
2. High efficiency, low noise and long service life
3. Suit for a variety kinds of fluid medium
4. Small size and light weight
5. For engineering machinery, maritime and boat and industrial machinery and automobile industry etc.
6. Size series: AR16, AR22

YUKEN A16-L-R-04-H-S-K-32             

Original A16-L-R-04-H-S-K-32?????????????
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A56-L-L-04-C-S-K-32              

Original A56-L-L-04-C-S-K-32??????????????
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A22-L-L-01-B-S-K-32             

Original A22-L-L-01-B-S-K-32?????????????
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A37-F-R-04-C-S-K-32

Original A37-F-R-04-C-S-K-32
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A56-L-R-01-C-S-K-32             

Original A56-L-R-01-C-S-K-32?????????????
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A145-L-L-04-B-S-K-32

Original A145-L-L-04-B-S-K-32
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A220-L-L-04-B-S-K-32           

Original A220-L-L-04-B-S-K-32???????????
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A37-F-L-01-H-S-K-32

Original A37-F-L-01-H-S-K-32
1 pcs Negotiable


Original AR16-FR01CK10Y
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A220-F-R-01-B-S-K-32           

Original A220-F-R-01-B-S-K-32???????????
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A16-F-L-01-C-S-K-32             

Original A16-F-L-01-C-S-K-32?????????????
1 pcs Negotiable

YUKEN A16-F-L-01-H-S-K-32             

Original A16-F-L-01-H-S-K-32?????????????
1 pcs Negotiable