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Double Outer Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings

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Double Outer Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings in the TDO and TDI designs, in many variants and with different features (→ Designs and variants). Depending on the design, these bearings can accommodate heavy radial loads, axial loads in both directions and have a high degree of stiffness. Double row tapered roller bearings are typically used in gearboxes, hoisting equipment, rolling mills and machines in the mining industry, e.g. tunnelling machines.

Bearing 200TDI340-1 300TDI440-1

Original 200TDI340-1 300TDI440-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 100TDI165-1 140TDI310-1

Original 100TDI165-1 140TDI310-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 448TDI635-1 190TDI320-1

Original 448TDI635-1 190TDI320-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 670TDI1090-1 89111D/89150

Original 670TDI1090-1 89111D/89150
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 210TDI365-1 305TDI500-1

Original 210TDI365-1 305TDI500-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 240TDI360-1 350TDI619-1

Original 240TDI360-1 350TDI619-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 87834 260TDI458-2

Original 87834 260TDI458-2
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 750TDI1220-1 M281649D/M281610

Original 750TDI1220-1 M281649D/M281610
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 877/570 160TDI260-1

Original 877/570 160TDI260-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 100TDI150-1 380TDI650-1

Original 100TDI150-1 380TDI650-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 260TDI420-1 500TDI870-1

Original 260TDI420-1 500TDI870-1
1 pcs Negotiable

Bearing 235TDI375-1 460TDI618-1

Original 235TDI375-1 460TDI618-1
1 pcs Negotiable