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Bearing Inspection

NOVEMBER 02, 2022

Bearing is one of the important parts in the machinery industry. It is widely used in machine tools, aviation, automobiles and other mechanical equipment. The accuracy and quality of bearings directly affect the performance and life of mechanical products, so the accuracy and quality of bearings have always been one of the most important concerns of enterprises. Turning is an important part in bearing ring machining. The quality of vehicles directly affects subsequent processing.Industrial Bearings Solutions, In particular, bearing ring processing, bearing process, due to various uncontrollable reasons, some processes missing machining or processing is not in place, which is typical of the bearing ring or bearing bearing raceway leakage. Such products will not only cause waste of resources, but also damage the finishing equipment in subsequent processes and cause economic losses to enterprises.

A variety of methods are used for bearing inspection. There are mainly several categories.

(1) traditional methods. The traditional method of bearing product inspection is to use manual method to carry out inspection. This is a heavy workload. For a long time, people's eyes are easily fatigued, and their accuracy is not guaranteed.

(2) Vibration diagnosis technology. Vibration diagnosis technology is used to receive and analyze the signals to judge the problems of bearing products. But usually it is necessary to detect the bearing during the working process, which is cumbersome and inefficient.Industrial Bearings Solutions

(3) .Method of mechanical profiling. By comparing the fixed specimen with the workpiece, it can detect whether the workpiece is missing. But it can only detect bearing raceway and has its limitations.

(4) Sensor detection method, sensor detection method is generally based on PLC control system, through the contact sensor detection ring boundary position, from the position information to determine whether there is a channel, so as to accurately get the channel size, but the positioning system requirements are higher, detection efficiency is lower, chamfering and dense. The detection of sealing groove is still not applicable.

At present,Industrial Bearings Solutions, there are various problems in the detection methods, which can not meet the needs of mass production in terms of detection speed or accuracy. If there are unqualified rings into the market, not only users will suffer economic losses, bearing manufacturers will also lose credibility. Therefore, to seek a reliable means of detection, improve the detection efficiency, accuracy and versatility, reduce the requirements for mechanical positioning system, is the current development needs.

Design of test plan:

The whole ring detection system is a cycle detection process. The process includes bearing inner ring detection and bearing outer ring detection. First, carry out outer ring inspection. If the outer ring is not qualified, it will be discharged. If qualified, enter the detection link of the next bearing inner ring. If the inner ring is not qualified, it will be discharged. If qualified, the ring accuracy meets the requirements, and the system outputs the qualified mark. Then enter the next detection cycle.

The system includes mechanical part and graphics acquisition system. The acquisition system and the mechanical control part are interoperable. The original PLC control equipment of the system processes and transmits the ring detection piece to the designated position, at the same time receives the analysis result from the computer, if it is unqualified product, then excludes; at the same time, the computer receives the information from the image acquisition system, carries on the image analysis and the intelligent judgment, thus draws the conclusion, transmits the result to PL. The C control system is so repetitive.

According to the requirements of the system for the process and image information acquisition, the whole detection system is analyzed as follows: when the proximity switch detects that the ring is in place, the CCD camera takes pictures of the ring, the analog signal is converted into the digital signal by the image acquisition card and the data is transmitted to the computer, and finally the computer processes the data. The characteristic information of bearing ring can be obtained, and the problem of leaking process can be obtained by judging the information. Finally, the result is transmitted to the control system, and the corresponding action is made by the control system. By studying the production situation of bearing ring manufacturer, the following requirements for the detection method are obtained.

1. image processing method is used to detect whether the bearing ring is missing or not processed.

2. The types of bearing rings are angular contact, deep groove ball and so on.

3. The tested bearing rings include inner ring and outer ring, with a diameter ranging from 20 to 300mm.

4. automatically record the number of tests.

The location, shape and parameter threshold of the test can be adjusted in advance.