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Maintenance Method of Linear Bearing

NOVEMBER 02, 2022


Maintenance of metal linear bearings: lubrication and friction: Linear bearings are injected with anti-corrosion oil. If lubricated with grease, the anti-corrosion oil should be removed by kerosene or organic solution first, then added lubricating grease after air drying. When lubricating with oil, it is not necessary to remove the anti-corrosion oil. According to the change of temperature, the lubricant of ISO viscosity grade VG15-100 can be selected. Axis lubrication can be supplied either from the oil supply pipe or from the oil hole on the outer bearing seat. Because the sealing ring will scrape off the lubricant, oil lubrication is not suitable for boreless bearing with sealing ring.

Maintenance of plastic linear bearings: Because the sliding film inside the plastic linear bearings is made of self-lubricating plastics, it does not need additional oil supply and maintenance in the use process; moreover, because plastic linear bearings have chip removal grooves, even if the bearings or axles are filled with dust, it does not need to be maintained, and the dust will automatically move. In the process, it is taken out from the chip removal groove; only when the sliding film is worn out, the internal sliding film can be replaced directly; the maintenance is very convenient.


1. The decomposition of each part of the linear motion bearing series may lead to the entry of foreign bodies or have adverse effects on the assembly accuracy of each part. Do not decompose.

2. Linear bushing falling or knocking may cause damage, please note. When the product is impacted, the function may be damaged even if the appearance is not damaged. Please pay attention to it.


1. Please wipe the antirust oil carefully and seal it with lubricant before using it.

2. Avoid mixing lubricants with different properties