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Coupling Mounting And Dismounting Kit

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Mounting and dismounting

1. The coupling is put into position. High pressure injectors are connected to A, and a low pressure to the hydraulic chamber B (fig 1).
2. Oil is injected into A under high pressure, building up an oil film between the inner and outer sleeves, eliminating metallic contact and reducing friction forces (fig 2).
3. When there is a good oil film between the sleeves, oil leaks out at the thick end of the inner sleeve. Oil is pumped into B and the outer sleeve starts moving up the taper. Oil is continuously injected between the sleeves (A), in order to avoid metallic contact (fig 3).
4. The coupling has reached its final position when the outer diameter of the coupling has grown by a predetermined value. The oil pump is stopped, but pressure in B must remain.
5. When oil has drained from the contact surfaces of the two sleeves and friction has been restored, low pressure B is released. All oil connections are plugged. The exposed parts of the coupling are covered with a rust preventive and the coupling is ready for years of trouble-free operation (fig 4).

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