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FAG Railway Bearing

FAG Railway Bearing

Industrial Bearings Solutions will present you with three FAG bearings that are applied on railway and their characteristics.

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1. Bearings for gear case:

The antifriction bearing of gear case mainly acts to stabilize the axles and support driving force, which means that they have to bear extreme loading. The gear case bearings can be primarily divided into tapered roller bearing, four-point ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing. Besides, there are other bearings like deep groove ball bearing, self-aligning roller bearing and angular contact ball bearing. FAG imported bearing has different settings according to different gear case design and operation conditions.

The bearings for gear case should meet the requirement of high speed, high loading, vibration and shock resistance, thermo-stability, high guidance accuracy and compact design. At the same time, consumers should consider relevant size of gear case when they select a bearing. Generally, the design life should be over 1.5 million kilometers.

FAG gear case bearings feature with enhanced inner design, specialized retainer design, internal clearance that has smaller tolerance and is modified, a snap ring groove that is designed on the outer ring to prevent it from moving, as well as effective ceramic insulation.

2. Bearings for traction electric machine.

Bearings for traction electric machine should be equipped with reliability and long service life. FAG traction electric machine bearings are all specially developed according to actual demand, among which cylindrical roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing are commonly used, whose design life can be over 2 million kilometers due to the following design.

These bearings feature with specialized retainer design, enhanced inner design, smaller tolerance and modified internal clearance and effective ceramic insulation.


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